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New buildings and homes incorporate larger window encasements to let in more light and to satisfy demands for “warmer” more inviting interior spaces. At the same time, larger window spaces require robust insulation technology as a strategy to minimize heat loss in winter, and heat gain during the summer. Today's windows manufactured for “green” buildings may include argon gas as the insulation agent between two or more panes and low-emittance (Low-e) metal-oxide coatings formulated to reflect radiant energy during the summer season. Manufacturing “green” windows for long-term integrity – and protection from air and moisture – requires the very best performing insulating glass sealant technology.

A world leader in insulating-glass sealant technology, ADCO offers ADCOTHERM® PIB sealants to maximize the life expectancy of the IG unit and to minimize permeability to and loss of insulating gas in argon-filled units. This primary sealant, used in conjunction with compatible secondary sealant technology, allows manufacturers of insulating glass units to meet the most rigid service life standards without compromising on established production methods. Find out more about ADCO's initiatives geared toward world-class insulating glass applications. Contact ADCO IG in Michigan, USA.