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Alternative Energy

Consumer demand for “greener” more sustainable energy along with initiatives by State and Federal governments that call for a minimum of 20-25% electricity generation based on renewable energy sources is driving demand for solar energy projects worldwide. Photovoltaic solar modules offer significant promise in that they can be used to convert energy from the sun into electricity with an efficiency rating of 8% or more. It is estimated that to be cost-efficient, however, solar modules must maintain their integrity and efficiency rating for a minimum of twenty years. That's where ADCO sealant technologies provide exceptional value.

A world leader in insulating glass sealants with products designed to seal two lites of glass, ADCO is redesigning this innovative technology for use in solar module manufacturing and installation. Today, products like HelioSeal® find application in some of the world's most sophisticated PV solar module production systems. Find out more about the sealant technologies ADCO offers to speed production, simplify manufacturing and ensure the integrity of advanced solar modules for decades to come. Contact ADCO Solar in Michigan, USA.