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Save energy and enhance the service life of insulating-glass units with polyisobutylene (PIB) sealant technology.

ADCOTHERM® PIB Primary Sealants are the most widely used IG primary sealants in North America.

From skyscrapers in Manhattan to ranches in Missoula, ADCOTHERM® PIB has been installed in more than 285 million windows over the past 10 years. These primary sealants provide absolute protection against fogging, moisture ingress, insulating gas leakage and help maintain crystal-clear views for decades. ADCOTHERM® PIB is available in more customized options than any other primary sealant. Used in conjunction with compatible secondary sealant technology,ADCOTHERM® PIB allows manufacturers of insulating glass units to meet the most rigid service life standards without compromising on established production methods. Find out more about ADCOs products geared toward world-class insulating glass applications. Contact ADCO IG in Michigan, USA.