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KORAPOP 330 is an exciting, VOC-free, all-weather sealant and adhesive. KORAPOP 330 is based on a hybrid chemistry that has incredible initial strength (green strength) and is great for metal to metal bonding including paint systems. This unique combination of properties is allowing KORAPOP 330 to become the standard in the transportation industry for construction of aesthetically pleasing “fastener-free” side panels (aka “screwless side walls”) for the trailer and truck industries. KORAPOP 330 also has superior performance when compared to high bond acrylic tapes in that it has better repositionability and allows for a longer-term bond, especially at the hot and cold extremes.


Supporting Transportation Industry Trends

New components and manufacturing processes provide the means to produce higher quality, more comfortable vehicles. In line with this trend, ADCO works with you to deliver increasingly functional adhesives and sealants, tapes of nearly any type, and key primers geared toward the construction of novel materials and improved manufacturing systems.

If you require new forms of fastening technologies to improve aesthetics, seal and adhere, insulate and waterproof, we can help. If you’re in the market for better sound deadening patches, we can help. If you need an alternative pumpable sealant technology, we can help. We have a handle on polyurethanes, polysulfides and butyl technologies that can be fine-tuned to meet your needs in the areas of performance and economics. 

Automotive OEM

Heat expandable sealants, hot melts, very high bond acrylic tapes, die-cut adhesives and extruded butyl tapes represent the principle products ADCO
supplies to OEMs based on specification approvals. Right now, we are working on the advancement of these technologies, to provide better alternatives with respect to vehicle light-weighting, mechanical fastener substitutions and improved sealing processes.

Bus, Truck & Trailer (BTR)

You may know us in this market for our polyurethanes and butyls adhesives/sealers to keep water out, but did you know we’re leveraging our core chemistry to develop superior structural elastic technologies? ADCO and German counterpart – Kömmerling – are working together to bring you a new generation of structural elastics in North America. Just like you, we’re looking at ways to lower the weight of vehicles and reduce the carbon footprint.

Transportation Segments