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Watertight Attachment of PV Modules!

HelioBond® PVA 600BT is an extruded black butyl adhesive tape designed to provide high strength, watertight attachment of PV modules and PV pre-assemblies to single ply EPDM, TPO and metal roofing panels. It is also suitable for use on properly prepared granulated and non-granulated modified bitumen roofing. HelioBond® PVA 600BT is designed for quick grab to roof membranes without the need for primers, yet possesses high strength at 185°F (85°C). For more detail, click here.




Making Solar Module Manufacturing Mainstream

With more than 100 years of experience in sealing  glass-to-glass substrates, ADCO is the ideal partner for manufacturers of solar  panels. We currently hold  technology and sales leadership positions in primary and secondary adhesive and  sealant technologies proven to perform at a very high level in state-of-the-art  PV modules. Based on innovative chemistry, such as polyisobutylene (PIB), ADCO  photovoltaic sealants outperform all other commercially available technologies  in standardized damp heat testing at 85C/85% RH over 1,000 hours and beyond.

ADCO currently manufactures many distinct sealants, adhesives and primers with applications in solar modules. We’re committed  to all of the bonding and sealing technologies that enable the solar industry  to produce products in a complex manufacturing environment at "line speeds"  that one day will rival the modern electronics industry. Call ADCO with your  vision of modern solar panel manufacturing. We’re with you every step of the  way.

In Support of  Integrators and Installers

Our support to the solar industry doesn’t stop at the  factory floor. ADCO has sold over 1 billion square feet of outdoor roofing  adhesives in the past 20 years. Because roofing manufacturers require the same  outdoor weatherability and durability requirements, we’re a perfect fit for  companies involved in the installation of solar modules. We’re committed to the  design and production of technologies that move the solar industry onward and  upward, from the production floor to the world’s most extreme outdoor  environments.

We’re investing in new technologies. We’re leveraging experience in new  cutting edge chemistry to provide the solar manufacturing industry more  innovative solutions. And we’re partnering with our sister company in Germany –  Kömmerling – to bring you competitive advantages in a rapidly evolving  industry. For better answers in solar manufacturing, call on the ADCO Solar  team.

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