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Improving the Installation of Reflective Singly-ply Roofing

Products for Roofing Industry from ADCO In the fast-growing ThermoPlastic Olefin (TPO) roofing market, ADCO makes it easy to install single-ply sheets with adhesive tapes and laminates specifically designed to complement energy-saving white roofing membranes. Products like Cool Cover® roofing tape are based on extruded white rubber adhesive, perfect for splicing membrane roofing with pressure sensitive technology that ensure high strength, water-tight assemblies.

White reflective roofing tapes developed at ADCO are among the most widely used pressure sensitive TPO accessories available today. This technology in combination with VOC-compliant edge caulks and primers, represent ADCO's commitment to the development of innovative adhesives, tapes and sealants, that meet the demands of today's rapidly expanding reflective single-ply roofing market. Ask us how we're expanding the capabilities of roofing products with urethanes, advanced x-linked rubber and other adhesion chemistries. We're moving the industry forward with technologies that save time and labor, reduce VOC emissions, improve job-site safety and reduce building disruption.

Delivering Superior Performance for Premium Membrane and Insulation Attachment

When it comes to commercial roofing projects, contractors want adhesives for membrane attachment that are easy to apply, require no mixing and have few temperature limitations. Quick setting VOC-free products like the Millennium Hurricane Force® membrane adhesive make life easy for contractors. Based on solvent-free urethane, the cold process membrane adhesive becomes waterproof within minutes of application. Millennium Hurricane Force® membrane adhesive improves job-site safety by removing torches, heat welders and fire hazards from the rooftop. Simultaneously, these adhesives improve the experience for the building occupant by eliminating the odor and noise normally associated with conventional asphalt roofing. These and other products within the Millennium Adhesives brand, such as Millennium One Step™ insulation adhesive are changing the way contractors approach single-ply membrane roofing projects. ADCO now offers one of the most innovative portfolios of roofing adhesives and sealants technologies in the Americas. Call on the experts at ADCO for insights on a product portfolio focused on the frontiers of modern single-ply membrane roof systems.

Extending Elastomeric Technology into the Future

ADCO has been a market leading supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives, tapes and sealants for more than 30 years. Over one billion square feet of elastomeric EPDM seam and flashing tape invented and patented by ADCO has been successfully installed throughout the World. ADCO is committed to extending the performance boundaries of this technology every year, making new products that offer the roofing industry better options in the area of cost-efficiency, high value-in-use. Right now, we're developing innovative new tapes with different performance parameters, tailored to meet the changing needs of the complex regulatory environment and the drive for ever-more energy efficient buildings. Find out just how good our adhesives can be up on the roof.

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