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ADCO VERY HIGH BOND ACRYLIC TAPE is a pressure sensitive, solid  acrylic tape system designed to provide a superior bond between a wide variety  of substrates. This tape is available in  translucent, grey, and an industry best "crystal-clear transparent".  ADCO VERY HIGH BOND ACRYLIC TAPE finds utility in a  wide variety of applications including auto trim attachment, signs, graphics,  furniture, appliances, and more.


Sealing, Bonding and Weatherproofing with ADCO Technology

When it comes to sealing, bonding and  weatherproofing, ADCO offers functional butyl technologies, Very High Bond Acrylic Tapes and  polyurethane-based products to meet the needs of the fast-paced contractor  environment. BP-300 butyl sealant, for example, may be used in a gunable format to seal today's vapor barriers, HVAC ductwork and roof panel ribs in  short order. On the other hand, single-component polyurethane-based  sealant/adhesive allow  contractors to bond and seal joints involving aluminum, plastic and glass with  a minimum of effort. ADCO's pressure  sensitive Very High Bond Acrylic Tape systems offer high strength bonding on exterior and  interior trim, providing contractors the ability to go faster on projects  without mechanical fasteners. These and other ADCO technologies used in the  construction and construction product industries offer speed and performance at an exceptional value.

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