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Performance, Reliability and Products Designed Specifically for the Most Demanding Insulating Glass Fabricator

ADCO Products for Window and Insulating Glass Applications

Royal Adhesives and Sealants  provides Insulating Glass Fabricators with highly-engineered, productivity-enhancing sealant options tailored to fit individual manufacturing environments.  Our PIB Primary Sealants are the most widely used IG primary sealants in North America.  From skyscrapers in Manhattan to ranches in Missoula, Royal / Kömmerling  PIB has sealed 285 million windows over the past 10 years.  Our Primary Sealants provide absolute protection against fogging, moisture ingress, insulating gas leakage, and help maintain crystal-clear views for decades.

Our structural secondary sealants are among the highest quality commercially available sealants.  Royal / Kömmerling  Secondary Sealants  are known for superior application properties such as exceptionally low slump, no stringing, reduced equipment wear, and dependable cure profiles.  They apply cleanly, reduce waste & rework, and provide peace-of-mind performance for decades after unit installation.

Primary Sealant Options

Royal /Kömmerling  PIB is offered in six distinct formulations, one of which is exactly tailored for your application.

PIB 1 Black & PIB 2 Gray are designed specifically for horizontal or stacked IG assembly.  PIB 1 & 2 have the very high compression resistance needed for these manufacturing processes.

PIB 7HSNB Black & PIB 8HSNB Gray are designed for high-speed, high-volume, fully-automated butyl extruders.  In fully-integrated vertical production lines, PIB 7HSNB & PIB 8HSNB provide quick, clean, reliable application for maximum productivity.

PIB 29 Black & PIB 32 Gray are designed for commercial glazing applications.  Formulated with maximum UV protection, these products are recommended for direct glazing & curtain wall applications.

PIB 11 Black & PIB 32 Gray Pre-extruded Rope are designed for hand-applied specialty applications and manual IG unit assembly.

PIB 30 Gray is a specialty sealing detail.  It is used for sealing the cut-end joints of spacer bar or other detail applications such as sealing rivet holes or capillary tubes.

Structural (Secondary) Sealant Options

Royal Adhesives and Sealants / Kömmerling, offers a wide array of high-quality, user friendly structural IG sealants.  With a product range spanning almost every technology commonly used in IG fabrication, we have the technology you need to use.

Kömmerling GD 116 & GD 116NA Polysulfide are 2-component reactive secondary sealants widely used in the manufacture of high-end wood windows.  GD 116 & GD 116NA provide exceptional resistance to oils, solvents, and plasticizers and protect against glazing incompatibility.

Kömmerling GD 677NA Polyurethane is a 2-component reactive secondary sealant providing excellent adhesion, improved UV resistance, and good secondary protection against moisture transmission.

Kömmerling GD 823N & 920 are 1-component and 2-component silicone secondary sealants.  Like all silicone sealants, GD 823N &  GD 920  provide excellent UV protection, weather resistance, and both low and high temperature performance.

Royal Hotmelt 3070HS & 2000 are 1-component hot melt butyl structural sealants.  Suitable for single-seal and dual-seal applications, these hot melt sealants offer immediate high-strength development for superior unit handling, transportation, and immediate glazing.

Warm Edge Sealants and Specialty Products

Ködispace™ and Ködispace 4SG The ultimate warm edge IG system.  Designed for use on automated assembly lines, Ködispace enhances this efficient, fully-automated production process which supports endless unit flexibility; for shaped units, triples with perfect sight-lines, stepped units, and more!

Royal Adhesives  AT-2 Very High Bond Acrylic Muntin Tape is available in many widths and thicknesses.  With easy-release poly liner and excellent adhesion to aluminum and glass, AT-2 is perfect for both interior and exterior SDL muntin application.

Ködiguard™ & Ködiphone™ Liquid Laminating Resins are UV curable resins designed for the production of safety glass and specialty acoustic glass.

Kömmerling GD 677HM is a 2-component polyurethane based secondary sealant designed specifically for use with the Heat Mirror® IG process.