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Seal and Insulate Ducting, Cables and Communications Infrastructure

ADCO Products for the Telecommunications IndustryNow more than ever, the integrity of electrical systems, communications cables and communications infrastructure depends on sealants specifically designed to meet the requirements of the telecommunications industry. ADCO specializes in the supply of sealing, gasket and re-enterable (reusable) products that offer benchmark strength values in easy-to-use tape formats. These trend forward products find application in cable splices, terminations and enclosures. As a supplier of select sealing products to the telecommunications industry, you can count on ADCO to deliver the very best solutions that won’t be found anywhere else.

Included in the ADCO product offering to the telecommunications industry:

Electrically conductive sealing tape
Gasket tape for resealable closures
<-->Extrudable gasket, rope style sealant