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Bonding and Sealing Technologies for the Solar Industry

ADCO is the only company in the world to supply bonding, sealing and primer technologies specially formulated for the long-term durability and integrity of modern photovoltaic modules. Manufacture modules with confidence using our frame adhesive technology specifically designed to match PV production processes and components. HelioBond®PVA adhesives are available in a range of chemistry (and formats) to better accommodate your need for fast and durable bonding to various glass, metal and polar substrates. In photovoltaic encapsulation applications, consider the HelioSeal®PVA products for sealing both the inner and outer components of modules with ease. When you finish the module, keep it in place on the rooftop, or on special mounts, with HelioPrime™ products designed for the highest possible adhesion to pre-taped assemblies.

Products available today for bonding and sealing applications include:

Photovoltaic Adhesives
Panel Assembly

Photovoltaic Sealants
PV Edge Sealants