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The World is Changing….From the Top Down

ADCO Products for Roofing ApplicationsGlobal warming, skyrocketing insurance costs, increasing wind uplift requirements and the growing complexity of today’s regulatory environment are changing the way we roof.  ADCO has a myriad of solutions designed to help commercial roofing contractors comply with demanding developers, building owners and municipal building codes.  ADCO’s products also provide OEM single-ply system manufacturers with the adhesive & sealant accessory options they need for innovative VOC-free, cold applied, reflective membrane systems.

From insulation attachment to cover tape, ADCO’s durable solutions adhere and seal single-ply membrane roofing systems. Our patented seam tape technologies have been applied to seam, flash and cover more than a billion square feet of rooftop.  The patented One Step™ insulation adhesive delivery system has revolutionized roofing: providing the fastest, most efficient method of insulation installation while minimizing roof deck penetrations and corrosion.  And the future of single-ply SBS modified bitumen roofing has arrived with Millennium Hurricane Force® Membrane Adhesive.  This cold applied, quick setting, non-blistering, ribbon applied, all-weather, VOC-free membrane adhesive improves jobsite safety, eliminates fire hazards and vastly reduces building disruption.  It is the new standard in roofing for sensitive projects such as schools and hospitals.

Insulation Attachment Options

Millennium Insulation Adhesives are cold applied, VOC-free one and two part foaming adhesives that set quickly in all climates.  Applied with our patented Multi Bead Plus Applicator, the One Step™ delivery system is the fastest, most effective way to attach roof deck insulation.

Millennium One Step™ Green Insulation Adhesive is an exciting, new, patent pending, VOC-free, all-weather insulation adhesive.  One Step™ Green carries all of the equivalent FM approvals of our highly popular One Step™ Insulation Adhesive.  However, unlike competitive products on the market produced with less than 15% bio-derived raw materials, One Step™ Green is manufactured with an industry-leading 45% rapidly renewal content for maximum green building credits!

Millennium One Step™ Insulation Adhesive is a mechanically dispensed, cold applied, fast setting insulation adhesive.  Dispensing with the patented, battery powered, MBA Plus applicator is the fastest way to apply insulation adhesive.  And, mechanical dispensing assures a correct mix ratio – every time.

Millennium PG-1 Pump Grade Adhesive is suitable for application via our Cyclone and Cyclone II pump systems.  This ribbon applied pump adhesive is efficient for cut-up roofs or re-roofing applications where the speed of the MBA Plus applicator is not required.

Millennium Pourable Foam Insulation Adhesive is a one part, VOC-free urethane insulation adhesive.  It is a fast setting formula suitable for all climates.

Membrane, Lap & Flashing Adhesives

ADCO’s SBS modified bitumen single-ply membrane adhesion systems are designed to meet the specific needs of the professional roofing contractor. Fast, easy, safe installations are a breeze with this innovative new technology.

Millennium Hurricane Force® Membrane Adhesive is a 2-component ribbon applied urethane adhesive for SBS single-ply membrane attachment, base sheets, and vapor retarders.  The cold applied, VOC-free, all-weather formula allows for enough open time for membrane repositioning but sets quickly when compared to one part formulas.  Membrane installation is exceptionally fast when Millennium Hurricane Force® Membrane Adhesive is applied with the patented MBA Plus.

Millennium Hurricane Force® Lap & Flashing Adhesive is a fast setting, high build formula suitable for application on horizontal surfaces.  Available in white or black, the product is designed to grab quickly and anchor the sheet edge, creating a waterproof seal within minutes.

Millennium One Step™ Night Seal® is a quick and reliable sealer for temporary tie-in locations between new roof covers and existing roof systems.  It is a quick, easy and clean way to temporarily seal asphalt or rubber roof membranes.

Penetration Sealing Systems

Infinitely flexible and fast are among the best ways to describe our penetration sealing systems.  Time-saving and lower-installed-cost also apply!

Lockin’ Pocket™  and Lockin’ Pocket U-Build™  are flexible penetration sealing systems that quickly install on most roof systems.  Much faster than a traditional pitch pan system, Lockin’ Pockets™ are designed to accommodate roof penetrations of varying size and configuration.

Millennium Hurricane Force® Universal Sealer is a 2-component, fast setting sealant designed to seal Lockin’ Pockets™; repair splits, cracks, holes or other membrane defects; or for all purpose sealing applications.  It is solvent-free and becomes waterproof within minutes.

Membrane Seam Tapes & Self Adhered Flashing

ADCO’s patented seam tapes, self adhered flashing and cover tapes for EPDM and TPO single-ply membranes eliminate heat welding and solvent based glues, thus speeding installation. Durable, and FM approved, our tapes are OEM quality.

Millennium EPDM Series Black Tape is perfect for non-warranted roof repairs.  Available as a seam tape, cured cover tape, or uncured self adhering flashing, our Millennium EPDM series of tapes & laminates is perfect for rehabilitation and extending the life of rubber no-slope roofs.

Cool-Cover® TPO Series White Tape is available as a seam tape or an unreinforced cover tape.  Cool-Cover®, when applied with ADCO’s SPC-3 primer or VOC-compliant Primer 240, provides exceptional performance to TPO field membranes.