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Automotive enthusiasts everywhere are interested in new vehicles that capture the imagination, and roll down the road "with confidence", more quietly, with better fuel-efficiency and durability than any that have come before it. Toward that end, ADCO works throughout the Automotive OEM supply chain to advance adhesive and sealant technology that afford the manufacture and assembly of modern components in a way that can be measured in terms of better performance, aesthetics and functionality.

Key applications supported by ADCO Automotive include:

  • Assembly-friendly, pressure sensitive adhesive tape systems for automotive trim attachment. ADCO Very High Bond Acrylic Tapes
  • Durable weatherstrip sealants to protect against air and moisture. ADCO Elastomeric Sealants
  • Door watershield sealant systems designed for various substrates and applications equipment. ADCO Watershields
  • Adhesive/sealant systems for modular windows. ADCO Modular Windows
  • Acoustical management technology for various points within the vehicle. ADCO Acoustical Management
  • Interior sealing solutions based on pressure sensitive technology. ADCO Interiors