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ADCO Manufacturing Capabilities


Expanding the Possibilities of Design and Construction

For a glimpse into the future of adhesives and sealants, take a look at the cutting-edge technology ADCO is focused on right now. We're one of only a few companies in the world “up on the roof” with innovative products that meet new, more stringent environmental regulations, while improving safety on the job-site and reducing building disruptions caused by construction activities. Our innovative white tape and our VOC-free urethane based membrane adhesives reduce installation costs for the contractor, remove torches, heat welders, and fire hazards from the jobsite, and reduce objectionable odor and noise pollution for the building occupants. In the structural tape market, we're expanding the possibilities for industries with our acrylic based technology. In the no slope (flat) commercial roof market, the Millennium series of adhesives and sealants set the benchmark in performance, innovation and reliability. And in the solar panel market, ADCO is considered as the primary source for expertise in sealing difficult glass-to-glass substrates. That's just for starters.

Dedicating New Resources to Growth Markets

The Executive Team at ADCO is investing in the growth markets of the future. With an understanding that the future is all about sustainability, the management team has directed the majority of its R&D, sales and technical services investments toward the growth sectors of the global economy, that is to say, in the markets that require high performing green solutions. Four business units within ADCO‚ Roofing Products, Solar, Transportation and Construction‚ hold responsibility for driving the development of ADCO branded products that offer customers better options in areas like ‘lightweighting’, innovative structural bonding, energy efficiency and insulating.