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From Humble Beginnings in Michigan , USA...

Established as the Adhesive Development Chemical Operation in 1971, ADCO started its first ever production facility in Michigan Center, Michigan (USA) with a limited set of sealants offerings to the automotive, maritime and architectural industries. Fast forward to see how the company evolved. A series of strategic acquisitions and technical breakthroughs allowed ADCO to build major positions in markets that are reliant on advanced sealants, adhesives and structural tapes to manufacture or install end products with complex bonding requirements.

Today, more than 200 ADCO products deployed in the roofing, solar, transportation and construction markets offer high value-in-use along with unparalleled performance properties. Core competencies in polysulfides, polyisobutylene (PIB), polyurethane chemistry, solvent-free urethanes, acrylics, silicones and butyls reflect ADCO's comprehensive ability to produce market-leading, differentiated technologies. ADCO's expertise in the manufacturing disciplines of compounding, extruding, laminating, die-cutting and converting allow these technologies to be tailored specifically for the most demanding applications.

...To a Global Operation with Products Trusted Around the World

ADCO, through its parent company ADCO Global, is part of an integrated adhesives and sealants company with operations strategically located in the United States, Germany, Russia, England and China is managed by an executive team with direct experience in the industries that require world-class adhesive, sealants and tape technology. ADCO is now highly focused as a partner to the manufacturing and construction industries of the world, offering world-class branded products and private label products based on the skills, knowledge and abilities of every employee, from the board room to the shop floor.

Some of the market leading ADCO products available today are made and sold under these brand names:

ADCO™ Kömmerling
CorrosionBloc™ Ködiplast
Elastilog Köracure
ElastiSeal™ Millennium One Step
HelioBond® Millennium Nite Seal®
HelioPrime™ Millennium Hurricane Force®
HelioSeal® Cool Cover®
HydroArmor® WinSeal™