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A Privately Owned Company Focused on Cutting-Edge Sealant and Adhesive Technology

Imagine it. A major privately owned company focused primarily on the design and production of sealants and adhesives that drive the capabilities of your most sophisticated products. ADCO, the wholly-owned North American operating subsidiary of ADCO Global, has evolved its business toward the manufacturing of novel technologies that outperform today's legacy adhesives and sealants. Investing in new technologies, ADCO is focused on the long-term needs of customers. Now more than ever, makers of sophisticated solar panels, ‘green’ construction products, commercial roofing products and transportation products specify ADCO branded offerings. You can find our sealants, adhesives and tapes on some of the world's most complex projects, from the Freedom Tower in New York City , to the windmills of America and beyond.

Better Options with Better Technology

Leadership in sealants technology is a hallmark of ADCO. Products like HelioSeal PVS 101 for use in solar module production, provide exceptional adhesion on difficult surfaces as well as barrier protection from water vapor and gas permeation. On the other hand, products like the Millennium Hurricane Force adhesive for roofing applications offer cold process, ‘one step’ application, effectively eliminating errors due to poor mixing. These technologies - and others like them - offers manufacturers more reliable options to produce high-performing products within tight specifications, more easily and economically than with standard legacy products.

Producers of sophisticated products with sophisticated performance requirements now call on the expertise and technologies of ADCO everyday for solutions previously unavailable in the marketplace. A customer-focused company, ADCO is a dedicated partner to major industrial clients located throughout the Americas, holding #1 or #2 supply positions in chosen segments.

A Greener, More Efficient Future

More than 300 ADCO employees at three locations in the USA work together to manufacture products for structural bonding and insulation that support energy efficiency, alternative energy solutions and natural resource preservation. Right now, we're helping customers respond to consumer demands for “greener” more sustainable electricity generation. We're also helping window makers with insulating sealant technology to minimize heat loss in winter, and heat gain during the summer. Within the automotive industry, we're supporting the need for improved fuel-efficiency, providing sealants and adhesives that allow the use of lower weight components.